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The Rotary Club of Sint Maarten launches Mother and Child Health Care Promotion Campaign
A Collaboration with Collective Prevention Services
PHILIPSBURG, SINT MAARTEN – May 3, 2017 – The Rotary Club of Sint Maarten initiated a partnership with the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labour to create a Mother and Child Health Promotion Campaign.
The Purpose of the campaign is to promote the healthy behavior of women during pregnancy and childbirth by providing them with a road map through healthcare and medical care alternatives, practices and options.   The launch of the awareness campaign was done during the weekly club meeting of the Rotary Club of Sint Maarten during “Mother and Child Health Month” which is celebrated by Rotary International.
The first product of the campaign is a brochure, which was put together with technical input from the Department of Collective Prevention Services. The aim of the brochure is to guide expectant mothers through proper health care practices, ranging from visiting the local pharmacy to visiting the gynecologist and/or pediatrician during a pregnancy.  
Ms. Henna Budhrani, President of the Rotary Club of Sint Maarten, said, “Every child deserves a good start and that begins with a healthy mother.” She thanked Ms. Agnes Kapoor, Co-Chairperson of the Club’s Service Project Committee, for making this initiative a reality and stressed this club commitment goes beyond her presidency. President-Elect, John Caputo, underscored this commitment to continue the Mother and Child Health Promotion campaign during his presidency.
During the launch, the brochure was presented to the Honorable Emile Lee, Minister of Public Health.  He complimented the Club with this initiative and confirmed the full support of his Ministry.  In his address, he said that he is a strong believer of public private partnerships, and sees the role of civil society organizations, such as the Rotary Club of Sint Maarten, to create awareness and promote healthy behavior. "I endorsed the flyer and look forward to follow up activities and events”, Minister Lee said in closing.
Also in attendance for the launch of the brochure were, Dr. Virginia Asin, Head of Collective Prevention Services and Mr. Dick Luttekes, President of The Pharmacy Association.
The brochures will be distributed at pharmacies, medical clinics, the baby clinic, the White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation and all relevant health care institutions on Sint Maarten, with the objective of reaching the wider a female population through collaboration with different partners.
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About the Rotary Club of St. Maarten:
The Rotary Club of St. Maarten was chartered on March 17, 1972 as result of a September 1970 meeting to form a club on the island.  Since its formation, the Rotary Club of St. Maarten has grown in membership and has assisted in the formation of new clubs in the District, including Anguilla (1978), St. Martin Nord (1988), St. Martin Mid-Isle (1997) and St. Martin Sunrise (2004).  For more information, visit the club website at