Fellow Rotarians

It is Membership Month and with that in mind we have a challenge to enhance the membership experience and attract new members.

This challenge is not only to be taken on by the board and committee chairpersons, rather it is a challenge we should collectively embrace giving true meaning to our RI President Ron Burton’s  theme of Engaging Rotarians and Changing lives.

In the Strategic Plan which we submitted to our District Governor Jeremy Hurst, we committed ourselves to a membership of 42. Granted at the time this commitment was made we counted 39 active members and two honorary members, while currently we have 34 active members and 3 honorary members.

I encourage you to get involved in all aspects of our club—don’t wait to be asked. I do ask for your cooperation and open-mindedness, especially if we attempt to do thinks a little differently than in the past.  I look forward to our members ensuring that we operate within the Rotary Constitution and our Club’s Bi-Laws and give us a friendly nudge if we seem to be going off track.

So join the 2013-2014 Board and Committee’s in making this year a successful year,  filled with worthy community projects as well as fun filled activities, great fellowship and growing friendships.

President Maria Buncamper-Molanus