Minister Lee and The Rotary Club of Sint Maarten Encourages Kids to Come for Free Eye Exams and Glasses
Press Release - May 9, 2016 - Minister of Public Health, Social Development & Labor Emil Lee, would like to encourage parents to take their kids for free eye testing and glasses at the white & Yellow cross located in St. Johns Estate.
In support of the Volunteer Optometric Service to Humanity (VOSH),the Rotary club of St.Maarten organized an eye examination program to support their initiative on Sint Maarten which Is to provide free eye exams and eyeglasses to those who cannot afford it. Fourteen Colorado Members  of VOSH was available to give their service. 
On Monday May 9,  many people took advantage of this opportunity and went to get their eyes checked.  Minister of Public Health, Social development & Labor Emil Lee, visited and socialized with the attendees. Minister Lee stated: “my visit today was really touching.  it was wonderful to see so many people turn up to take advantage of the very generous offer of VOSH to provide free eye exams and free glasses to our community's most needy.  In the following days, I really hope so see a stronger turnout from the school children in particular.   For school kids, the inability to see properly can translate into behavioral problems, slower learning and lack of motivation.  Being able to see properly is a critical part of ensuring that our children can learn properly."
President of the Rotary Club of St.Maarten Mr. Jeffrey Sochrin was thrilled to announce that over 300 free eye examinations and free eye glasses were distributed during the first day of testing. “It is such a wonderful experience to be here at the white & yellow cross with the visiting VOSH team, for the first day of free eye exams for the Residence in St.Maarten in need. The Rotary club is so thrilled to support this initiative. We would like to thank all the Rotarians, all the visiting optometrists that came out to help from the US, all sponsors who made this happen, our friends at Dominoes, Rick Cassidy, and the summit & Ocean Club . Also a big thank you to the White & Yellow Cross  who has been an excellent venue to hold this event , and we hope that they can do it for many years to come”.
Optometrist Dr.Kent Godfey said: “We are all just very happy to be here to help out the people on the island, by providing glasses. This morning we dispensed over 150 pairs of glasses to needy people including sunglasses, reading glasses, and things that they need to help them see and go on with their lives even better. It’s just so fun to be here and help out people” he stated.
"Projects like these are why I joined Rotary. Vision is often over looked as it usually does not fall within SZV or many insurances. A student will likely fall behind in his or her studies if he is unable to see clearly. Everything from reading to seeing the chalkboard requires good vision. I am very happy to be a part of this project. Free eye examinations and if needed Free Glasses. I’m glad we can help make a difference" said Rotarian John Caputo.
The general public especially kids,  are invited for free eye exams on Tuesday May 10 and Wednesday May 11 from 9am – 5pm at the white and yellow cross located in St. Johns Estate. The public is advised to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.